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Short Bio on me:

I work and do so many things... things that I really love to do. One of them is being a member of a paranormal group in El Paso, TX called Research In Paranormal Science or RIPS for short. Click link to our RIPS Facebook page: 




We have about more than a dozen members and plenty of guest investigators to help us in the bigger locations that we investigate.


I love investigating the paranormal, it helps me focus on opening up my mind to the unknown and unexplainable. I've been doing this for 20 years and have captured a lot of strange phenomenon. And the evidence continues to grow.


Having a passion for the unknown has lead me to appreciate my writing style and prose for films in that specific genre; from horror to mystery to the psychological subgenre.


As a screenwriter, I have completed an array of stories for other filmmakers and for myself to make. If a filmmaker has a set time when they want their scripts written, I do my best to achieve that goal. I focus all my time in just completing that task. And I do a good job at it, too. I love to write and if you love what you do, you can accomplish any feat.


As an actor, I have worked on well over a dozen films and commercials. Acting is something that I hold very dear to me. Acting to me is like having a multi-personality disorder. You get to live someone else's life without having to worry about yours. You escape reality and that to me helps me be free.


So... soar like a bird... be wild and be free.


Contact me with your film ideas and I will write you your movie.

10-21-15 - Writing a 1930s Film Noir Titled, RANDOM ACTS. Here is an unfinished movie poster concept that I am still working on. If you'd like to donate to the film, I've added a Donate Button on top. Thank you.
03-17-15 - Die Die Delta Pi On DVD!
  • Our movie is out on DVD at your local video stores such as: Best Buy, K-Mart, Target, F.Y.E. Barnes & Noble and Amazon!

  • Horror/Slasher feature film​. ORDER FROM AMAZON!

  • Winner for Best Actress: Tanya Christiansen in the Innovative Film Festival in Tampa Bay, FL.

  • Nominated in 5 categories including Best Screenplay and Best Director in the San Antonio Horrific Film Fest.

Recent Acting Roles
  • Gunslingers: Episode 5 The Dark Heart of Texas on American Heroes Channel as the role of Deputy Charles Webb. 

  • I'd Kill For You: Episode 8 on the Discovery Channel ID as a supporting role for NBC Universal.

  • Save Me: Episode 7 an ongoing webisode as the role of Jimmy, a police officer.

Recent Scripts Written​
  • THROUGH THE MIST OF A MEMORY - sci-fi/thriller feature script.

  • AMONG US - horror creature/feature script.

  • UNKNOWN ORIGINS - sci-fi/horror feature script.

  • THE TERROR AT MASON MANOR - paranormal feature script.

  • THE KILLING KIND - action/thriller feature script.

Feel free to explore the tabs and if you need to contact me about needing help with your films whether it be writing your scripts, editing them or acting in them; I'll work with you.
-- Arturo
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